Program Evaluation Support

Every organization needs to know how well their prevention program works and every prevention professional wants to determine what type of positive impact they are having on their participants.  

And because settings and populations differ, even evidence-based prevention programs should be assessed to ensure implementation fidelity and positive outcomes.   

That's why at Prevention Plus Wellness we provide free program evaluation support to assist prevention and health specialists and organizations assess the fidelity and effectiveness of the Prevention Plus Wellness programs they use.

This is critical for two reasons. 

First, it provides invaluable information for promoting your program to other youth, families, communities and funding agencies to sustain and grow your prevention. 

Second, it offers critical insights for improving your program’s effectiveness over time.

We developed Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs pre and posttest surveys in both online and scannable format.  Simply have your participants complete the surveys immediately before and after the PPW program lesson.

We provide a free written report highlighting your participating youth group's post-program performance and pre-post changes upon request. 

We also offer an optional written report interpreting the data and providing recommendations for program improvement for just $1 per participant.   

The PPW programs pre and posttest surveys are designed to assess immediate program effects on two measures predictive of future health behavior. 

The first includes behavioral intentions, assessed on a 5-point scale of “very likely” to “very unlikely” and measuring five substances and four health-promoting behaviors including getting regular physical activity, healthy eating, sleep and stress control. 

The second measure assesses perceived harmfulness, scored on a 5-point scale of “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” and measuring the same five substances of alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana and illicit drugs. 

In addition, the posttest survey includes two qualitative measures designed to inform quantitative results and provide data for both promoting and improving the PPW program.  These measures assess what participants liked the “best” and “least” about the PPW program. 

The online pretest and posttest surveys are listed below.  Contact us to receive customized links for use by your organization exclusively.  

  1. Pretest Online Youth Substance Use Prevention Program Survey:
  2. Posttest Online Youth Substance Use Prevention Program Survey:

We strongly recommend you contact us for a free consultation before you collect your program evaluation surveys.

Directions for Printing, Collecting and Scanning Your Surveys: 

  1. Set your printer to print your screening survey addenda and feedback surveys in black and white (not color or grey scale) and use a dpi resolution setting of no greater than 300.
  2. Print your surveys directly from the pdf in your program digital download. Print them in actual size (no reductions) and make sure they are horizontal (not crooked) on the page and free of other markings.
  3. Remind participants to carefully complete surveys by darkening in the bubble responses using a dark pencil or pen.
  4. Collect screening survey addenda only (omit other screening survey items) and feedback surveys from each participant and put one on top of the other from each person and place them in a box or envelope for later scanning.
  5. Scan completed screening survey addenda and feedback surveys together (one after the other) in paired groups of 50 with no blank pages in between.
  6. Email each pdf of 50 scanned paired-surveys in separate files to PPW ( 
  7. In addition, scan and email one set of blank (not completed) screening survey addenda and feedback surveys to PPW.
  8. Use a sheet-fed scanner or sheet-fed all-in-one scanner/printer, set the scanner to black and white and dpi of no greater than 300.

In addition, if you'd like us to scan your screening and feedback surveys for you we are happy to do so for just $1 per participant.  

Call for for information or assistance today: (904) 472-5022, or email us: