Program Fidelity Checklist

What to know if you are implementing your Prevention Plus Wellness program with fidelity?  Use the checklist below. 

  1. 󠄁 Attend an Onsite Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer’s Training Workshop every 3-years.
  2. 󠄁 Implement the screen to participants in a private or semi-private setting.
  3. 󠄁 Read the screening survey instructions to participants prior to implementation.
  4. 󠄁 Implement the lesson using the script as provided.
  5. 󠄁 Maintain good eye contact during each lesson.
  6. 󠄁 Do not ad lib extra content during any lesson.
  7. 󠄁 Use an upbeat and varied voice during each lesson.
  8. 󠄁 Cover all messages in the script during each lesson.
  9. 󠄁 Show the PowerPoint slides during each lesson.
  10. 󠄁 Read the goal plan and helped participants complete it.
  11. 󠄁 Had participants sign while you co-signed each contract.
  12. 󠄁 Ask participants to take home their goal plan and post it.
  13. 󠄁 Implement the feedback survey immediately after each lesson.
  14. 󠄁 Read the feedback survey instructions to participants.
  15. 󠄁 Collect and staple screening and feedback surveys from each participant.
  16. 󠄁 Monitor feedback survey data for positive responses from participants.
  17. 󠄁 Collect and monitor implementer chart data from implementers/teachers after each lesson for positive responses.
  18. 󠄁 Download an Excel spreadsheet from PPW website and entered screening and feedback survey data.
  19. 󠄁 Email the Excel spreadsheet to PPW for data cleaning, analysis and interpretation.
  20. 󠄁 Make program alterations based on feedback and implementer chart data analysis and monitoring.
  21. 󠄁 Follow up with participants. For example, by reminding them to continue to monitor their goal plans, ask them to write a revised goal plan(s), provide follow up program materials (e.g., parent flyers, website resources, more lessons), and/or re-implement the PPW program every 6-12 months.