Program Tailoring Support

Sometimes the needs of a youth or young adult population, or of a region or organization, require that a prevention program be tailored to best fit those participants needs or setting.    

At Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW), we believe customizing your prevention program to your specific setting or population’s needs can increase its relevance and effectiveness. 

That’s why we offer guidance and support to prevention professionals and organizations who choose to tailor our Prevention Plus Wellness programs.

Tailoring can take the following forms: 

  • Changing out program PowerPoint slide images to better match the demographics or activities of your population
  • Slide contact can be expanded to address other substance use risks
  • Slides and other program materials can be co-branded with organizational logos and colors

Options for tailoring your Prevention Plus Wellness program are discussed during PPW Program Implementer Training Workshops.

The only requirement is that any alterations to a PPW program must be emailed to us for review prior to use.  We will provide you with free feedback to ensure program model fidelity. 

If what you propose is particularly unique or relevant, we may share your changes with other prevention and health providers on our website and social media.

Let us know if you have any questions or need to discuss how you can tailor your Prevention Plus Wellness program to better fit your population's specific cultural, social, behavioral, language or other requirements.   

Contact us: (904) 472-5022, or