Promoting Your PPW Program

Below are some great resources to help you increase awareness of and excitement for your Prevention Plus Wellness Program throughout your organization, region or state.  

They are also designed to provide youth and young adults with positive images and models to promote active, healthy and drug-free lifestyles.

Each of these tools can be tailored to your setting and population, and can also be co-branded to include your logo. 

If you need help marketing your Prevention Plus Wellness program, just let us know.  We are happy to provide suggestions and answer your questions. 

Contact us:, (904) 472-5022 

Promotional Tools: 

SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Brochure

InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program Brochure

Prevention Plus Wellness Lifestyle Banner

Prevention Plus Wellness Lifestyle Poster

Fit, Determined, Alcohol and Drug-Abuse Free Poster

Active, Healthy, Drug-Free Poster

Athletic, Energetic, Happy Poster

Healthy Body, Mind, Spirit Poster

Healthy Lifestyle Friends Poster

Healthy, Active, Drug-Free Poster

InShape PPW for Young Adults Poster

InShape PPW Program Banner

SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness Poster

SPORT PPW for Children Poster

SPORT PPW for Young Adolescents Poster

SPORT PPW for Older Adolescents Poster

SPORT PPW Programs Poster

Strong, Focused, Drug-Free Poster

Young Prevention & Wellness Leaders Poster

Youth Leaders in Prevention & Wellness Poster

Prevention Plus Wellness Lifestyle Logo (for t-shirts, wristbands, etc.)