Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC provides the nation’s only evidence-based substance use prevention programs (National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices–NREPP) designed to promote physical activity, sports, healthy eating, sleep, stress management, self-control and positive self-identity among youth and young adults. 

Plus, they are only one session in length and can be implemented by adults, youth leaders, or in e-learning.  Self-paced online training is included, and group Onsite Certified Program Implementer and Trainer Workshops, and Youth Leadership Training Workshops in Prevention Plus Wellness is less than one day in length and comes with a 3-year certification.

NEW 2018 Versions of the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs now available!

Below are published research findings showing how the SPORT PPW and InShape PPW programs not only effectively prevent substance use harm, but also promote fitness, sports and health among young people.

The SPORT PPW & InShape PPW programs:

  • Prevent & reduce alcohol use & problems
  • Prevent & reduce marijuana use
  • Prevent & reduce tobacco use (SPORT PPW)
  • Increase physical activity & sports
  • Increase health-related quality of life (InShape PPW)
  • Increase healthy eating
  • Increase sleep
  • Improve body image (InShape PPW)
  • Increase goal setting & monitoring self-control skills
  • Increase positive self-image
  • Increase parent-youth communication (SPORT PPW)
  • Some positive effects lasting one-year  

PPW programs use a screening and brief intervention approach, and can be used as universal, selective or indicated prevention.  A recent review of screening and brief interventions found them effective for up to a year after receipt with adolescents and young adults

This review found goal setting, a key component of all PPW programs, increased effect sizes of screening and brief interventions.

SPORT PPW, InShape PPW, and all Prevention Plus Wellness programs are designed to address National Health Education Standards to promote personal, family and community health.

Thousands of teachers, coaches, prevention and health specialists, youth leaders, organizations, and parents throughout the US and abroad use PPW programs in their health and physical education classes, sports, sports physicals, after school programs, youth organizations, summer camps, hospitals and clinics, juvenile justice settings, substance abuse and mental health agencies, recovery and treatment centers, and faith-based organizations.

We also provide other brief evidence-informed prevention interventions, including In God's Image, SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness, SPORT Marijuana Awareness Program, Parent Pep Talks, SPORT Recovery, and PPW Adult Recovery programs.

We now offer the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness in an Online Program for schools, organizations, communities and parents. 

Onsite Certified Program Implementer's and Training of Trainer's (TOT) Workshops are available to ensure implemented with fidelity.