What youth liked about SPORT PPW

Read actual comments youth wrote after participating in the single-session evidence-based SPORT PPW substance use prevention program that promotes physical activity and healthy habits using positive images and multiple behavior goal setting.  

Written reactions are arranged by the following topics below: 

  • Avoiding alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Setting goals
  • Healthier eating & sleep
  • Getting physical activity & playing sports
  • Healthy body image & care
  • Increased motivation
  • Lesson experiences
  • Healthy lifestyle


Avoiding Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs


• I liked how it told us about what drugs and alcohol can affect your life and friends.

• I like how it influences students to be less reliant on drugs.

• How to keep me away from drugs and also eat healthy.

• It reminds you not to use any alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana.

• Learning about what can prevent smoking and drinking and what is good for  your body.

• It taught me about the more negative side of drugs and drinking. Very informative.

• Learning the effects of drugs and alcohol has on our mental and physical health.

• The SPORT lesson was a way to improve myself to not smoke weed and drink alcohol and to stay healthy.

• I liked that we were able to learn about drug prevention.

• Learning about what drugs do to your body.

• It taught me not to smoke any marijuana. Thanks.

• What I liked best was discussing the issue of drinking habits that could be avoided.

Setting Goals

• I like the fact it lets you set your own fitness goals to help you stay fit.

• I liked the time I got to think of what I should change.

• I like that it helped me think twice about what I do daily.

• I liked how it gave me a goal to achieve.

• Helped me realize I must make healthy choices.

• I like how it helps me make a goal that I plan on doing.

• The fact it put expectations in clear and simple wording which allows the person to find goals clearly.

• Of how easy I can set a goal for me that can be a benefit for the future. 

• I liked that it made you set a goal for yourself and maintain it.

• Helps set healthy goals.

• I like how it allowed me to choose a health habit that I could stick to.

• The thing I liked best were all the positive choices.

• It opens eyes to the truth about the choices you make.

Healthier Eating & Sleep

• I liked that it tells you what you should and can do like actually eat healthy, and eat breakfast or do exercise.

• This will help me eat healthy and exercise more.

• I like that it teaches what is good and bad for you and how much sleep you need.

• I like how I learned more on what sleep and eating do for you.

• What I liked best about the SPORT lesson is that it makes you want to sleep more and be more active.

Getting Physical Activity & Playing Sports

• What I liked was talking about sports and health.

• I liked that it taught me why sports are important to do.

• It helps kids stay in shape and help them exercise.

• It boosted me to go to the next level in working out and gaining muscle for football.

• It helps people stay fit and not get into alcohol and no drugs!

• What I like is that it keeps me active.

• It helps me remember to work out every day.

• It made me realize that I need to work out more and eat healthier.

• I like that it pushes you to be more active.

Healthy Body Image & Care

• Knowing that I don't have to be skinny to be healthy.

• The SPORT lesson helped me better understand how to take care of my body.

• Getting to learn how to take care of my body.


Increased Motivation

• It will change my mindset. In other words, motivate me to live a healthy lifestyle.

• What I liked best about the SPORT lesson is how motivational it sounds.

• Encourages me to be the best me.

• It is inspiring me to be healthier.

• What I like the best about the SPORT lesson is that I feel a little more motivated.

• I liked how it inspired me to sleep more and stay healthy.

• The SPORT lesson has motivated me to live a healthier life style.

• It opened my eyes.

• I like the motivation it gave me to exercise 30 minutes a day because I don’t do that very often.

Lesson Experiences

• It was fun.

• It was fast and easy.

• The simplicity of it.

• I liked that it is honest with students.

• How it is confidential.

• It gave a lot of info which was very vivid and interesting.

Healthy Lifestyle

• What I liked best is knowing this will help me be healthier.

• I like the emphasis on multiple aspects of healthy living.

• It talked about what you need and don’t need to be healthier and stay fit to live a longer life.

• It talked about what you need and don’t need to get the healthy lifestyle you want.

• What I liked was that it helps us to be healthy and avoid drugs.

• It helps you look and feel healthy and it keeps you motivated.

• I like that it really showed me how more healthy things can affect my life.

• The best thing I like about the SPORT lesson is that it’s going to help people be  healthier.

• It makes kids think about their health.

• It makes you realize how healthy or unhealthy you are.

• It helps you by giving examples of how to stay healthy.

• I liked that this lesson helps you keep a healthy lifestyle.

• Knowing the effect a healthy habit can have and the negative effect of drugs.