Where Can You Implement PPW Programs?

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs include scripts for implementing your intervention to youth or adults individually or in groups and even virtually, increasing implementation flexibility and program reach.

While the individual script allows for the most tailored and perhaps effective intervention, the group script is the more efficient strategy for program implementation.

Implementation in Groups

Using your program’s group script, you can provide a PPW intervention in any K-12 school health, physical education, or academic classroom. 

You can provide it in after school, summer school or community education classes, sports, recreation, camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and home.

PPW programs can also be provided in groups of college students in dorms, classes, health fairs, and wellness centers.

PPW programs are provided to US armed forces members like the Air Force.

PPW programs for adults can be provided in worksites, recreation, sports, wellness centers, gyms, and weight loss settings.

Implementation Individually

Using the individual script, Prevention Plus Wellness programs can be implemented to youth and adults one-on-one.

This can include to youth in lieu of school suspension for a drug use infraction, for at-risk youth by school or community nurses or counselors, during wellness checkups and sports or school physical examinations in school and community medical settings, and to individuals in juvenile justice programs.

Similarly, PPW programs can be provided to college students for campus drug use infractions, to young adults in college and community health care and clinical settings, and to young adults in the military.

PPW programs can also be provided to students in schools and colleges by excusing individuals from a class for a one-session PPW program or after classes to provide the most customized version of PPW programs.

Individual implementation of PPW Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is reimbursable by commercial insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid: https://www.samhsa.gov/sbirt/coding-reimbursement#:~:text=Reimbursement%20for%20screening%20and%20brief,insurance%2C%20Medicare%2C%20and%20Medicaid

Virtual, Video & Online Implementation

Most PPW programs include slides allowing presentation to youth and young adults virtually.

Some PPW programs have been translated into video and self-paced online course formats.

These program options allow cost-effective and broad-based implementation to youth and adults individually as well as in groups without the need for program implementer training.

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Prevention Plus Wellness programs can include both individual and group scripts and a virtual option allowing flexible implementation increasing program reach.

The individual script allows for the most tailored and perhaps efficacious intervention while the group script is the more efficient strategy for implementation.

By permitting PPW programs to be provided individually, in groups or virtually they can be implemented to youth and adults in nearly any setting.