Youth Leadership Training Workshops

Our innovative Certified Youth Leadership Training is designed to help young people grow into their best possible selves by doing, leading and serving, not just by passively receiving.  This type of training empowers youth and young adults by giving them tiered professional prevention and health skills and responsibilities, ranging from program assistants to program implementers and eventually trainers. 

The goal of Certified Youth Leadership Training in Prevention Plus Wellness is for youth to gain leadership and service skills as personal coaches and/or classroom teachers implementing evidence-based programs to their peers.  The objectives of leadership training in PPW include: 

  • List reasons for choosing integrated Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs over typical prevention or health programs.
  • Describe key aspects of using PPW programs.
  • Explain how positive images are used to influence health behaviors, based on the Behavior-Image Model (BIM).
  • Assess their current substance use and wellness habits.
  • Compare their current health habits to positive peer and future self-images and behaviors.
  • Set goals to avoid substance use habits and improve wellness habits. 
  • Demonstrate how to implement the PPW program by one-on-one coaching and/or group instruction. 
  • Plan post-training strategies for demonstrating and sustaining program implementation skills over time.

Youth and young adults trained in Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program implementation develop a wide range of leadership skills and knowledge.  Whether it is the evidence-based SPORT or InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs, or the evidence-informed SPORT 2, SPORT Marijuana Awareness, SPORT Recovery, or In God’s Image programs, youth and young adults trained to implement these innovative brief positive image and behavior programs develop both personal and leadership skills necessary to lead and serve others. 

Young people interested in “making their mark” or “making a difference” are ideal candidates for PPW Leadership Training, but so are any youth or young adult who wants to gain self-confidence, learn to set and obtain personal and professional goals, become a positive role model, and experience first-hand providing meaningful service for others.  Leadership development training is not just for some youth, but for every young person interested in reaching their full potential.   

The Certified Youth Leadership Workshop is conducted in just 4-5 hours, allowing for even the busiest of youth to participate.  One-day Certified Youth Leadership Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshops for adults and older peer leaders is also available.  Certifications are good for three years. 

Our training of youth leaders involves five steps: 1) gaining knowledge about prevention, wellness, positive image communication and goal setting, 2) experiencing the PPW program as a participant, 3) training in the skills and confidence to provide the program as a personal coach and/or classroom instructor, 4) post-training practice assignment, and 5) demonstrating competence and sustaining leadership and service skills during follow-up sessions.  

Prevention Plus Wellness Certified Leadership Training, along with opportunities to implement PPW programs to peers, is designed to develop the following personal and professional leadership skill and knowledge areas: 

    • Communication
    • Presentation
    • Personal coaching
    • Self-regulation/self-control
    • Goal setting and goal monitoring
    • Positive self-image
    • Altruism
    • Time management
    • Project management
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Team building
    • Problem solving
    • Substance use prevention
    • Wellness promotion