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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

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The Unlimited Total Access Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Programs & Training License allows you to share all available PPW programs, media campaigns, and online training courses for a 3-year (or longer) period. 

This license permits you and your organization to share PPW digital program manuals and/or materials with an infinite number of prevention and health agencies, specialists, teachers, counselors, coaches, nurses, parents, or youth leaders.      

Send them the URL link to the PPW Training Portal to take self-paced online courses to become certified to implement your PPW programs with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

This license also comes with a one-day onsite PPW Program Introduction and Implementer Workshop.   

With the Unlimited Total Access PPW Programs & Training License you can offer any number of Prevention Plus Wellness programs and campaigns to providers across your entire county.   

Each program license includes:

  • Access to online pdf's of all PPW program manuals and/or materials to use during implementation
  • Online access to downloadable program PowerPoint slides and all reproducible materials
  • Permission to share program URL links to manuals and/or downloadable materials to an unlimited number of agencies and individuals within your region
  • Online access to all self-paced PPW Program Implementer Training Courses with 3-year certification via the PPW Program Training Portal 
  • Permission to share the training portal link to an unlimited number of individuals
  • Access to program updates at no cost during the license period
  • Customized URL link or QR code to online pretest and posttest surveys and the Instructor's Survey to evaluate program quality and effectiveness
  • 25% off paper copies of PPW programs
  • One-day onsite PPW Program Introduction and Implementer Workshop

The 3-year Unlimited Total Access PPW Programs & Training License can be extended to longer periods upon request.   

A written Vendor Agreement is available upon request. 

*Note: Program use and distribution is limited to one county or school district.  Additional county/school district licenses are $1000 each. 

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