2 Training Options for Wide-Spread Implementation of Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

2 Training Options for Wide-Spread Implementation of Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

If you are a prevention or health specialist with an interest in providing Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program across an entire organization, region, or state, below are two main options.

One option is to become trained as a trainer.  Training of Trainer (TOT) workshops are provided by PPW both live online and onsite. 

Requirements to become a Certified PPW TOT are:

  1. Get trained as a program implementer,
  2. Implement the PPW program at least once, and
  3. Complete a PPW TOT workshop.

The most popular way to become a Certified Program Implementer is to complete an Online Self-Paced PPW Program Implementer Course which takes about two hours: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/online-self-paced-ppw-program-implementer-training

Once trained as a program implementer, you just need to implement the PPW program one time and you are then eligible to attend a PPW TOT Workshop.

The most popular way to become trained as a TOT is to complete a live 2-hour Online PPW TOT Workshop: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/substance-use-prevention-training-of-trainer

Once trained as a TOT, you can provide in-person training workshops for other prevention and health professionals, teachers, coaches and youth leaders to implement your PPW program for the duration of your 3-year TOT Certification.

A second option for provision of PPW programs across a broad area is to purchase an Unlimited PPW Program Training License: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/unlimited-ppw-program-implementer-s-online-training-license

This license allows anyone from your region or state access to the Online Self-Paced PPW Program Implementation Course portal for three years.

Your role then becomes one of recruiting and facilitating training and implementation of your PPW program in your region/state, rather than training other implementers.

A third option for wide-spread implementation of PPW programs is to combine options one and two.

In other words, have one or more individuals trained as a trainer to offer onsite PPW Program Implementer Training Workshops while also sending other individuals from your region/state to the Online Self-Paced Training portal for program implementer training.

This last option offers the greatest flexibility and reach and expanding your prevention footprint.

Regardless of which training option(s) you choose, you’ll also need to purchase program manuals.

Here your options are to either order hard copy program manuals or an Unlimited PPW Program License which allows 3-year digital access to your PPW program manual.

In conclusion, as a prevention or health professional, you have two primary options for training to implement a Prevention Plus Wellness program across a large organization, region, or state.

However, you can combine these two training options to increase your training flexibility and the reach and impact of your PPW program.

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