4 Ways to Extend the Length of a PPW Program

4 Ways to Extend the Length of a PPW Program

Here are four ways you can easily extend the length of any single-session Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program if you need or want to. 

One, follow-up your PPW lesson with one or more additional one-session PPW programs.  For example, many prevention and health organizations provide the SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) Prevention Plus Wellness program one week and then follow-up additional weeks with the Vaping (E-Cigarette), Marijuana and/or Opioid PPW programs. 

Two, prevention professionals across the country supplement their single-session SPORT PPW program with some or all of the 6-lesson SPORT 2 PPW program.  This way you can provide up to seven total PPW lessons, or pick and choose some of the six SPORT 2 PPW lessons you wish to implement based on how much time you have with your youth, their health behavior needs or your topical interests.  

Three, you can also follow-up any one-session PPW program lesson with subsequent sessions devoted to helping youth continue to set and monitor weekly health behavior goals increasing their self-regulation skills.  Just make additional copies of the goal plan/contract found in your program’s digital download or use the online PPW goal plan: https://preventionpluswellness.com/pages/youth-ppw-online-goal-plan 

Lastly, use a single-session Parent Prevention Plus Wellness program to train parents and caregivers to provide the same positive image messages and goal setting opportunities to their youth at home that you provide to youth in schools, youth organizations and other community settings.  Parent PPW programs are a great supplement to your youth-targeted PPW programs and ensure young people receive positive, integrated health behavior content and goal setting occasions from multiple messaging sources.  

Learn more about Parent PPW programs: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/parent-prevention-plus-wellness-programs 

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