5 Tips for Youth Handling E-Cigarette Withdrawal

5 Tips for Youth Handling E-Cigarette Withdrawal

Here is a webpage from the Truth Initiative describing five tips for handling e-cigarette withdrawal for youth who wish to quit vaping. 

This is a great follow-up resource to provide to youth after presenting them the 45-minute evidence-informed Vaping (E-Cigarette) Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) lesson. 

The Vaping PPW lesson is designed to prevent and reduce e-cigarette use while increasing protective healthy lifestyle behaviors, including physical activity and sports, healthy breakfast and nutrition, sleep, stress control and goal setting.. 

Vaping PPW includes scripted protocols and PowerPoint slides that can be presented to one youth, such as an individual caught vaping in school, as well as to groups of youth as in existing classrooms or other settings. 

 Vaping PPW programs come in high school, middle school and elementary school versions. In addition, Prevention Plus Wellness offers an E-Cigarette Parent Training Program and a Vaping Multi-Media Campaign. 

Read the 5 Tips for Quitting Vaping: https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/quitting-smoking-vaping/quitting-vaping-here-are-5-tips-handling-nicotine 

Learn more about Vaping PPW programs: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/evidence-based-e-cigarette-prevention-plus-wellness-program 

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