Addiction Leaders Complete Training of Trainer’s Workshop to Prevent Youth Marijuana and E-Cigarette Use

Addiction Leaders Complete Training of Trainer’s Workshop to Prevent Youth Marijuana and E-Cigarette Use

Congratulations to the outstanding prevention leaders at the Hanley Foundation for successfully completing onsite training to implement, and train other providers to implement, the evidence-informed Marijuana and Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness programs throughout Florida. 

The Hanley Foundation is a singularly unique organization designed to provide substance abuse prevention and education programs for parents, caregivers and school-age children. 

The Hanley Foundation is committed to solving today’s addiction problems for tomorrow’s youth. 

The prevention efforts of Hanley Foundation have positively impacted nearly a quarter of a million individuals over the past 18 years. 

Today, Hanley Foundation offers an array of research-based Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) programs for parents, caregivers, older adults, and students. 

They understand the importance of prevention education and have helped adults and children receive it in schools and communities. 

The Hanley Foundation recognizes that knowledge of the disease of addiction empowers people to develop healthy coping skills and lifestyles, which, in turn, helps to prevent its onset. 

The effects of these alcohol and drug prevention programs prove that education is empowering. 

It is our great honor and privilege to be partnering with the Hanley Foundation to bring cutting-edge prevention interventions to address quickly developing marijuana and e-cigarette use epidemics through the promotion of wellness lifestyles and positive identities of youth across Florida. 

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“The opposite of substance use is not non-use,
it’s wellness!”
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