Calling All PPW Program Implementers and Trainers (TOTs),

Calling All PPW Program Implementers and Trainers (TOTs),

Beginning today (9.13.21), we are recommending all Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementers use the newly revised online pretest and posttest surveys.  

The online surveys have been improved by the addition of several new measures that will assist in determining your program’s outcomes for both promoting and improving your program. 

In addition, we highly recommend you provide your pretest twice, once 1-4 weeks before and a second time immediately before you provide your PPW lesson.  As always, you can implement your posttest survey immediately after the program and if possible, a second time 1-3 months later would be even better.

The same implementation schedule should be used if you are planning on using the print version of the PPW surveys.  

Request customized links to the new online PPW surveys for your organization today: or call: (904) 472-5022. 

For those of you who are PPW Trainers, we have updated the PPW Program Implementer’s Training Workshop Agenda and PowerPoint slides.  

The new Training Agenda and slides have been improved to make your training of other implementers easier to follow and improve fidelity. 

If you’ve been trained as a PPW Trainer, request the revised Training Agenda and PowerPoint slides today: or call: (904) 472-5022. 

Let me know if you have any questions or wish to chat.  Thank you! 

PS, if you are not currently a Certified PPW Program Implementer or Trainer, please consider taking the 2-hour live online PPW Program Implementer Training Workshop or the 2-hour live online PPW Program Training of Trainer Session.  

Learn more about the Program Implementer Training Workshop: 

Learn more about the Training of Trainer Session: 

Thank you again!

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