Coming Soon: Promoting Wellness Lifestyles for Prevention: Online Resources for Youth, Teachers & Parents

A core aspect of successful substance use prevention is the promotion of wellness behaviors among youth and young adults. 

That is why we provide prevention specialists and parents with online resources aimed at promoting substance use protective wellness lifestyles, including physical activity, healthy nutrition, sleep, controlling stress, goal setting and spirituality, while avoiding substance use.

These resources are perfect for extending and enhancing the implementation of Prevention Plus Wellness programs, as well as for use as stand-alone tools to increase fitness, health and well-being of young people. 

Resources are aimed at increasing and improving physical activity and sports participation, healthy nutrition, getting adequate sleep, controlling daily stress, setting and monitoring goals and spirituality, while avoiding harmful substance use, and include:

  • Prevention Plus Wellness Knowledge Quizzes
  • Follow-up Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plans
  • Evidence-informed wellness content and tools for professionals and parents
  • Youth wellness content, videos, PowerPoint slides and other resources
  • Youth assignments that can be completed in or outside of a classroom or home

Online access to these resources are provided to individuals purchasing Prevention Plus Wellness programs, and are also offered separately for purchase by all prevention and health providers and parents who want to improve the fitness, health and well-being of their youth and young adults. 

For more information: (904) 472-5022,

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