E-Cigarette Use Increases Among Adolescents & Young Adults

E-Cigarette Use Increases Among Adolescents & Young Adults

A new study published in PLOS ONE (2023) shows that e-cigarette use has returned to pre-pandemic levels among adolescents and young adults.

Data were drawn from a cross-sectional weekly survey of adolescents (aged 15–17) and young adults (aged 18–24) (N = 37,331). 

The odds of current e-cigarette use were significantly higher later in the COVID-19 pandemic (April 2021–April 2022), compared to its initial months (March–July 2020).

There was no significant difference in the odds of e-cigarette use for youth and younger adults late in the pandemic (August–December 2021) compared to the same time period prior to the pandemic (August–December 2019), but odds were greater for young adults aged 21 years or older.

The authors concluded that renewed attention must be paid to the re-emerging epidemic of e-cigarette use among young people.

Read the full text of the study: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0282894

Evidence-informed e-cigarette use prevention youth and parent programs and media campaigns are described below.

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