Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Programs Now in Easy to Use Booklets

Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Programs Now in Easy to Use Booklets

The single-session evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program for youth and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program for college students and other young adults are now in even easier to implement booklets.

The new booklet format makes providing prevention with wellness practical in any setting and situation. 

Substance use prevention is now feasible even in really busy, unconventional or previously challenging locations and events, including schools, dorms, youth sports, recreation, physical education, health fairs, churches, juvenile justice, hospitals and clinics, peer-led education and groups, youth and family organizations, counseling, substance use or behavioral problem intervention, and homes. 

Prevention booklets are provided in bundles of 50 with an Instructor’s Manual.  Live 1.5-hour online training for program implementers is also provided to learn how to best provide booklets to youths and young adults in your setting, region or state.

Learn more about SPORT PPW Program Booklets: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/sport-prevention-plus-wellness-booklet-program

Learn more about InShape PPW Program Booklets: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/inshape-prevention-plus-wellness-booklet-program

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