Free Online Pretest & Posttest Survey Links & QR Codes

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs come with both paper and online pretest and posttest surveys to assess program outcomes.

Online surveys reduce prevention provider time and effort by eliminating the need to hand-enter survey data from paper surveys. 

Online surveys can also improve the accuracy of responses by increasing the honesty of answers due to greater perceived confidentiality for participating youth or young adults.

Online PPW surveys are also very easy to implement.  Just show your customized pretest survey link or QR code to participants prior to launching your lesson and wait a few minutes for participants to complete the pretest. 

Similarly, immediately after you conclude your PPW lesson show the posttest survey link or QR code and wait for participants to complete the posttest.

All PPW program providers are eligible to receive free customized PPW program pretest and posttest online survey links and/or QR codes.

To request yours today, just email us the PPW program(s) you are currently using (e.g., SPORT PPW high school version), your organization’s name and if you’d like survey links and/or QR codes.

Email us at: or call for more information: (904) 472-5022. 

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