Free Single-Session Faith-Based Youth Prevention Plus Wellness Program

Looking for faith-based substance use prevention or wellness programs for youth?

In God’s Image (IGI) is a fully scripted program designed to give teachers, youth leaders, mentors, parents and service providers a quick and easy to use tool to promote spiritually and physically active, healthy and substance use-free lifestyles among adolescents.     

IGI is the country’s only single-session faith-based prevention with wellness program designed to increase spiritual and physical fitness practices while avoiding substance use that harms spiritual, physical and mental development.   

In God’s Image is based on a proven model that targets naturally motivating positive images of youth which enhances their positive self-identity, goal setting skills, and spiritual and physical well-being. 

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Request a free online copy of the IGI program by submitting your name, organization and email address to:, (904) 534-5107

Learn about online IGI program training:

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