How to Quit Vaping for Youth

How to Quit Vaping for Youth

Here’s a great resource on how to quit vaping on the Smoke Free Teen website by the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). 

Quitting vaping can be easier when you prepare in advance and have a plan. Find out what steps you can take to get ready to quit vaping. 

This DHHS webpage discusses: 1) Know why you’re quitting, 2) Quit tobacco completely, 3) Commit to your quit, 4) Know what challenges to expect, 5) Image your vape-free self, and 6) Build your team. 

This resource is a great tool while using the evidence-informed Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program. 

Vaping PPW comes in high school, middle school and elementary school versions and includes a motivational 45-minute scripted intervention you can present to one youth or groups of youth using PowerPoint slides. 

Vaping PPW can be provided as a universal prevention program for all youth or as a selected or indicated program for youth already vaping. 

Youth participating in the Vaping PPW program learn how e-cigarette use harms living an active and healthy lifestyle and promotes engaging in healthy behaviors including physical activity and sports, healthy breakfast and nutrition, getting adequate sleep and controlling stress. 

At the end of the lesson youth complete a multiple behavior goal plan to avoid e-cigarette use and increase protective healthy habits. 

Online self-paced training is available to learn how to implement the Vaping PPW program with fidelity and effectiveness. 

Learn more about Vaping PPW programs and training: 

View the How to Quit resource:

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