Marijuana Use Prevention Webinar

Marijuana Use Prevention Webinar

What did prevention and health specialists say about today’s sold-out webinar on Marijuana Prevention and Awareness Programs Fostering Healthy Lifestyles? 

Here are some quotes:   

  • “Very informative and helpful.” Shavana W. 
  • “Letting us know how to access the free programs online as well as giving tips on how to approach the topic of marijuana to young people.” Amber S. 
  • “This information was great! I liked to see what all of the other professionals were using in regards to Evidence Based Programs. That was very helpful.” Bernetta Q. 
  • “It brought awareness of already prepared materials that we can use in our marijuana awareness campaign.” Beth M. 
  • “The entire presentation was engaging and insightful!” D’Jillisser K. 
  • “Concise, fast-paced.” Emile S. 
  • “(I liked) The goals of the SPORT Marijuana Awareness Program (correcting the myths and norms about marijuana, increase fitness and health behavior and improving healthy self-identities) were really good goals and gave me ideas to bring up to my own origination.” Frances J. 
  • “I liked the resources you presented (i.e. the Marijuana Media Campaign). This is all great information. I will definitely pass on to members of our Alcohol Other Drug University Committee to see if they would like to disseminate on our college campus. Thank you!” Irene V. 
  • “I liked the instructor's demeanor and his friendliness as well as the strategies proposed.” Leonardo L. 
  • “(I liked) The variety of information regarding youth prevention.” Lindsey L. 
  • “(I liked) That we will get a PDF version to be able to review of the information presented.” Marsha W. 
  • “(I liked) The integration of reducing the use of marijuana with integrating healthy behaviors - very good.” Patricia L. 
  • “I thought the whole webinar was great.” Wade R. 
  • “I liked the comparing of alcohol & marijuana.” Sheila G. 
  • “The marijuana resources are great.” Sherri B. 

Don’t miss a repeat performance of this popular free webinar on Thursday September 20th. 

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