New 2019 Prevention Plus Wellness Programs Now Available!

Updated versions of the widely popular evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college students/young adults have just been released. 

The new programs include enhanced program manuals and digital downloads which include modernized PowerPoint slides, updated goal plans and screening surveys, expanded program monitoring and evaluation tools, and improved program scripts making it easier for providers to implement lessons. 

Both programs continue to be the nation’s only single-session evidence-based screening and brief interventions that both prevent substance use and promote fit and healthy lifestyles and positive self-identities of young people.  

In addition, new versions of the SPORT Marijuana Awareness Program and the SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness programs for high school and middle school youth are also now available.  

Check out samples of the new PPW program manuals today: 

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