New Prevention Resources, Logic Model & Awards

New Prevention Resources, Logic Model & Awards

New resources for prevention and health professionals and youth leaders from Prevention Plus Wellness are now available. 

These include tools for increasing awareness of and excitement for your prevention program efforts.  

Promotional resources include program brochures, banners, posters and the Prevention Plus Wellness Lifestyle Logo which can be printed on t-shirts, wristbands, etc. to generate enthusiasm and promote positive youth images throughout your organization. 

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Also new is an updated Logic Model showing how Prevention Plus Wellness programs work. 

The model shows program inputs, outputs and outcomes, as well as program assumptions and external factors which help explain how PPW programs are both brief and powerful. 

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Lastly, we’ve increased the awards and made it very quick and easy for Prevention Plus Wellness customers to refer a friend to PPW. 

You now get $250 for each referral and your friends get 10% off their first purchase at Prevention Plus Wellness. 

Plus, it takes only a few seconds to make your referral. 

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