New Research Shows Exercise Useful in Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

New Research Shows Exercise Useful in Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

This new research published in PLoS One, with an abstract also housed in PubMed, examined the role of exercise as an adjunctive treatment for alcohol abuse. 

This study follows a paper we reported on October 25th which examined the potential role of exercise in the treatment of substance use disorders among youth ( 

Results from the current study showed that patients participating in moderate physical activity experienced less excessive drinking. 

In addition, increasing the amount of exercise was associated with a significant decrease in the quantity of alcohol consumed. 

The authors concluded that there is a need to implement physical activity for individuals in treatment for alcohol use disorder. 

This study, along with the paper we posted last month, indicate the potential benefits of using exercise as an adjunct to enhance treating alcohol and perhaps other substance use disorders for adults and youth.     

Similarly, prevention specialists should include effective interventions to increase physical activity for its potential to both prevent substance use and concurrently promote health outcomes among youth and young adults.    

 Read the research abstract: 

Please share this important new research with others in your region and state.  Thank you.

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