New: SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Booklets in PDF Format

New: SPORT & InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Booklets in PDF Format

The new SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) booklets are now available in pdf format allowing you to make your own copies when you need them and saving you money. 

SPORT and InShape PPW are quick and easy to use prevention with wellness interventions for professionals, peer leaders and parents who want to promote active, healthy and substance abuse free lifestyles among youth and young adults.  

The SPORT and InShape PPW Program booklets can be provided to young people in nearly any setting and situation, including those where showing the original program’s PowerPoint slides might be a challenge like in sports and recreation leagues, physical education and homes.

The program booklets also make it easier for peers and youth leaders to be trained to provide SPORT and InShape PPW to other youth and young adults as a unique youth leadership training experience in evidence-based prevention and wellness.       

The booklet versions of the SPORT and InShape PPW come in a pdf which can be copied for a one-year license fee and include:   

  • A self-administered youth health and fitness behavior screen;
  • Positive image content linking wellness and substance use behaviors;
  • Illustrations modeling youth wellness habits;
  • A goal plan and contact for motivating multiple behavior change;
  • Evaluation materials for assessing program implementation fidelity and effectiveness; and
  • Online training is offered separately to learn to understand and provide the booklet formatted SPORT and InShape PPW with fidelity and maximum effectiveness. 

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“The opposite of substance use is not non-use,
it’s wellness!”


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