Online PPW Program Implementer & Training of Trainer Workshop Schedule: March & April 2020

Below is a list of Online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Training Workshops for March and April 2020. 

Training of Trainer Workshops can also be scheduled during “open” training dates, as well as training to implement other PPW programs.

March 2020 Training Schedule:

17th: SPORT PPW High School
18th: SPORT PPW Middle School
19th: SPORT PPW Elementary School
24th: Marijuana PPW
25th: Vaping PPW
26th: InShape PPW
31st: Open

April 2020 Training Schedule

1st: SPORT PPW High School
2nd: SPORT PPW Middle School
7th: SPORT PPW Elementary School
8th: Vaping PPW
21st: Marijuana PPW
22nd: InShape PPW
23rd: Open
28th-: Blueprints Conference 

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