Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth

A new evidence-based resource guide from SAMHSA titled Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth (2021) provides strategies for key stakeholders (including policy makers, community coalitions, businesses, school administrators, educators, and other community members), states, and the prevention workforce to prevent and reduce marijuana use among youth. 

The 67-page resource guide covers five sections, including issue brief, what research tells us, guidance for selecting and implementing evidence-based policies and programs, examples of interventions for preventing marijuana use among youth, and resources for evaluation and quality improvement. 

The marijuana guide covers both environmental strategies and substance use prevention programs to prevent marijuana use among youth aged 12 to 17, including a description of the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program and how it’s being implemented in Indian River County, Florida  (see pages 23, 53-55). 

View the marijuana resource guide:

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