Prevention Plus Wellness Distance-Learning Strategies Training: Free Online Workshop

This one-hour training workshop is designed to provide prevention and health specialists with the knowledge, confidence and skills to provide Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs by distance-learning methods including live online and by telephone.

While PPW programs have been implemented across the nation and abroad face-to-face with youth and young adults individually and in groups, there are situations where providing them via distance-learning is desirable or even necessary.

That’s why this workshop will provide participants with step-by-step protocols for providing Prevention Plus Wellness programs using strategies to reach out to young people via two key distance-learning strategies. 

We will also discuss distance-learning resources provided by Prevention Plus Wellness, including recorded videos of PPW programs, live streamed programs, and correspondence booklets.

This workshop is free and comes with a certificate of completion for one-hour CEU, as well as written protocols for providing PPW programs live online and by telephone for those who currently own Prevention Plus Wellness program manuals.

Prevention Plus Wellness Distance-Learning Strategies Training: Free Online Workshop 

Training Objectives:

  1. Introduce Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program distance-learning strategies and resources available to prevention and health professionals and organizations.
  2. Describe step-by-step methods for providing PPW programs online to youth individually and in groups.
  3. List step-by-step methods for providing PPW programs by telephone to youth individually and in groups.
  4. Compare and contrast preferred face-to-face PPW program implementation protocols to online and telephone distance-learning strategies.


Length: 30-60 minutes 

Date: Friday March 27th         

Time: 11:30am ET/8:30am PT 

CEU Certificate: CEU certificate available upon completing webinar and requesting certificate

Online Training Workshop Requirements: 

  1. Use a device with either a wired internet connection or a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  2. Use a device with a built-in or add-on microphone so we can hear you speak.
  3. Use a device with a build-in or add-on camera so we can see you.
  4. It’s best to use a headset with mic to eliminate background noise in your setting.

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