Prevention Plus Wellness Donates to the Findley Medical Clinic

Prevention Plus Wellness Donates to the Findley Medical Clinic

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC is partnering with the Findley Foundation Health Clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to provide evidence-based lifestyle behavior programs aimed at preventing youth alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarette and opioid use while promoting physical activity and sports, healthy nutrition, sleep and stress control habits critical to improving the mental and physical wellbeing of young people. 

The Findley Medical Clinic is a woman and minority-owned free clinic which provides substance abuse and behavioral health services to the community.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Dr. Stephanie Findley, Board Vice-Chair of the Findley Foundation/Findley Medical Clinic and assist them in their critical mission to improve the health of community youth” said Chudley Werch, PhD, CEO at Prevention Plus Wellness.

“We’ll be providing Dr. Findley and the Medical Clinic with free SPORT, Marijuana, Vaping and Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness programs and online training for their staff to implement these lifestyle behavior programs to their community youth,” said Dr. Werch.

The Findley Medical Clinic provides primary care and urgent care family services to their community patients regardless of insurance status.

“We are honored to continue to provide evidence-based services to the community by partnering with Prevention Plus Wellness whose mission aligns with our vision of ensuring individuals and families become healthy, healed and whole” said Dr. Findley. 

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