Prevention Plus Wellness Youth 7-Day Goal Challenge

Prevention Plus Wellness Youth 7-Day Goal Challenge

The Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Youth 7-Day Goal Challenge is a free, quick and easy tool to help youth plan and initiate behavior change aimed at avoiding substance use and increasing protective wellness behaviors.

Designed for prevention and health specialists and parents, the PPW 7-Day Goal Challenge is an adaptation of the goal setting component found in all evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness programs.

Research shows goal setting is an effective strategy in behavior change and can increase youth self-regulation skills to set, monitor and achieve desired healthy lifestyle improvements. 

National studies indicate that youth are spending more time online and less on regular physical activity, along with not always eating breakfast and enough healthy fruits and vegetables, not getting 8 or more hours of sleep most nights, and not controlling daily stress. 

In addition, youth are at greater risk for experimenting with and using alcohol, e-cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana or other illegal drugs.

Together, these multiple health risks can have a negative, synergistic effect on the physical, mental and even spiritual health and well-being of young people.

During the current pandemic youth are experiencing significant stress and anxiety and in some cases finding less support for choosing, engaging in and maintaining healthy habits.

That’s why we created the Prevention Plus Wellness 7-Day Goal Challenge for all youth now. 

We ask your help with this important Goal Challenge in the following 5 ways.

  1. If you are a prevention or health specialist or parent, view the Goal Challenge and let us know if you have any suggested changes, additions or deletions that might improve it.
  2. Share the link to the Goal Challenge with all youth in your home, school, organization and community and ask that they complete it and if possible, print out a copy for your review.
  3. Encourage your youth to continue completing the 7-Day Goal Challenge every week for the next 8 weeks to increase the likelihood of them experiencing significant, sustained healthy behavior improvement.
  4. Talk with your youth about the goals they set each week and discuss how they can continue or even increase their success in reaching small but important future health behavior goals.
  5. Implement a single-session evidence-based or evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness program to increase youth motivation to set multiple health behavior goals and increase the likelihood of significantly preventing youth substance use and improving their protective wellness behaviors throughout your community, region or state.     

For more information:, (904) 472-5022,

View the PPW Youth 7-Day Goal Challenge: 

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