Prevention Providers Like Prevention Plus Wellness Webinars

Prevention Providers Like Prevention Plus Wellness Webinars

We’ve been offering free weekly webinars designed to introduce prevention and health specialists to Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs and training opportunities, our free resources and related research.

During the past couple of weeks 67 prevention professionals completed a brief evaluation survey after viewing a PPW webinar.  Of these:

  • 84% said they liked the webinar “A great deal” or “A lot.”
  • 81% said the webinar was helpful “A great deal” or “A lot.”

Regarding what they liked the best about the webinars, participants said:

  • The tools that could be used with students.
  • The tools for evaluation and pre/post analysis.
  • How to implement the three step process and how it is connected.
  • It was comprehensive.
  • It can be utilized to train students to be peer educators.
  • The presenter’s energy. The slides were crisp and clean.
  • Great resources.
  • That it can be provided online and individualized.
  • The presenter is very thorough and makes the presentation very understandable. This makes us eager to teach the information because we are confident.
  • The development of a precise theme in the face of our pandemic situation.
  • Explained evaluation and support systems I did not know about.
  • The content was informative and I believe it has provided me with an additional skills set.
  • The wealth of information.
  • How the prevention planning was laid out in steps.
  • Great resources and material.
  • The presentation was concise and thorough. It was interesting and helpful at the same time.
  • The links.
  • High energy. Clear to understand how I can implement this.
  • It was all very useful and enjoyable.

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