Reserve Your September PPW Prevention Program Training Workshop

Time is running out if you plan to reserve a date for an online or onsite Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer or Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop in September. 

Online training workshops are just two hours of live training and one-hour recorded session, while onsite workshops are just a single day for both Program Implementer and TOT Workshops combined.

Two or more individuals can schedule an online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer or TOT Workshop date of their choosing. 

Onsite PPW Program Implementer and TOT Workshops can be held in one day and can also be selected to meet your group’s needs.

Prevention and health specialists as well as youth leaders can be trained to implement single-session evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness programs to expand program reach and provide prevention youth leadership experiences for young people.

Learn more about PPW training workshop opportunities and benefits:

Learn more about the huge benefits of hosting an onsite regional PPW Training Workshop for your organization and area:

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"The opposite of substance use isn't non-use,
it's wellness!"

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