SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Reduces Marijuana Use Intentions and Social Norms

Prevention Plus Wellness partnered with JoAnn Reed-Stokes, MS, CPP, Director of Youth Services with the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY whose team implemented the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program to both high school and middle school aged adolescents last academic year. 

The pre-post program surveys included with the SPORT PPW program allowed a cost-effective program evaluation critical for prevention program improvement, promotion and sustainability. 

All youth participating in the single-lesson SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program liked it at least some to a lot. 

Participating middle school students believed it would help them avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarette use in the next month some to a lot, while high school students thought it would help them avoid cigarette smoking some to a lot and drug and alcohol use a little to some. 

All participating students felt the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program would increase their physical activity, healthy eating and sleep in the next month at least a little to a lot. 

The largest pre to post-program change for both age groups was in the decreased perception that their friends use marijuana and increased intentions to avoid marijuana use in the next year. 

Other positive findings included decreased intentions to smoke cigarettes and increased intentions to get 8 hours of sleep most nights among high school students, and increased intentions to get physical activity most days and talk to their parents about health or fitness for middle school students. 

Student comments about participating in the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program included that it: 

  • Made me less likely to try alcohol
  • Teaches people to be healthy
  • Teaches the benefit of not doing drugs
  • Keeps kids on a healthy path
  • Showed good things to do
  • Eye-opening information to take care of our bodies
  • How drugs can affect your future
  • Facts on sleep and nutrition
  • Learning how fitness helps
  • Fun and interactive
  • A healthy life without alcohol and drugs 

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