PPW Program License Best Practices

PPW Program License Best Practices

If you have an existing unlimited program and/or training license with Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW), we wanted to thank you and let you know we are here if you need any assistance.

Here are a couple of helpful reminders to make the best use of your license:

  1. Invite any prevention or health professional from your region to go to the PPW Training Portal and register to take the program implementer course(s) your organization purchased.
  2. Individuals have a 14-day window after they register on the PPW Training Portal to take their course(s). Most courses take about two hours to complete.
  3. Request a screenshot of their certificate to document successful completion of the training course(s).
  4. Once training has been completed, email them the link to the PPW program manual and download materials.
  5. Request customized online pretest and posttest survey links to be used by all trained PPW program providers so that you can monitor and assess your program’s outcomes.
  6. Pretest surveys should be completed immediately before presenting the PPW program and the posttest should be implemented at least one month after the completion of the program if possible.

For any questions or assistance, contact us at: info@preventionpluswellness.com or call us at: (904) 472-5022.

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