New Changes Can Help Your Prevention Efforts

New Changes Can Help Your Prevention Efforts

There are several exciting changes happening at Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) that can help with your efforts to promote fit, healthy, and substance abuse-free youth and young adults in your region and state. 

These changes include: 

Youth can be trained as leaders to provide the evidence-based SPORT or InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program, or any of our evidence-informed programs like the Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign, to other youth and adults in their schools, families and communities.  Learn more: 

We are committed to providing exceptional prevention program training emphasizing feasibility, flexibility and cost-savings for professionals and youth leaders. 

That is why we offer onsite and live online training, and workshops certifying program implementers and training of trainers.  

That’s why we also offer special reduced prices and free programs and training for hosting a regional or state training workshop. 

If you need training in practical evidence-based prevention programs that promote youth fitness, health and positive identities, let us make it happen for you. 

We will do everything we can to provide you with evidence-based prevention program training, even if your organization has limited funding. 

Just give us a call and tell us what you need today.  

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

Jacksonville, FL

(904) 472-5022 

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