New Reduced Prices on SPORT & InShape PPW Booklets

New Reduced Prices on SPORT & InShape PPW Booklets

The evidence-based SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness programs in booklets are now just $4.99 per youth and $5.49 per young adult. 

Also, the evidence-informed In God’s Image booklet program, which is designed to prevent substance use and promote spiritual practices and healthy lifestyles among youth, are just $3.99 each. 

Booklets are a quick, easy and cost-effective strategy to prevent substance use and promote overall health, fitness and even spiritual well-being among your youth and young adults. 

Booklet programs are flexible and can be provided to youth individually or in groups in any setting. 

They are painlessly implemented by teachers, youth leaders, coaches, counselors, nurses, recreation staff, ministers, volunteers, parents or anyone working with young people. 

Check out sample PPW program booklets on our website: 

Learn more about the SPORT & InShape PPW booklets: 

Learn more about In God’s Image program booklets: 

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