US Air Force Deploys the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program

US Air Force Bases in Washington and Italy are using the evidence-based InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program to prevent alcohol and marijuana use and drinking driving while promoting physical activity, healthy eating and other wellness-enhancing behaviors among their personnel. 

Online training for Air Force program implementers and trainers is being provided to maximize program fidelity and effectiveness.  

InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) is listed as an evidence-based program for young adults on the Clearinghouse for Military Readiness: 

Along with InShape PPW, the parallel SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth is also listed in the Clearinghouse’s registry for evidence-based programs: 

The mission of the Clearinghouse for Military Readiness is to provide the right tools and information grounded in the science of prevention to keep our military families strong. 

Learn more about InShape Prevention Plus Wellness:

Learn more about SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness: 

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“The opposite of substance use is not non-use,
it’s wellness!”

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