Fairchild AFB Implements InShape Prevention Plus Wellness to Airmen

Fairchild AFB Implements InShape Prevention Plus Wellness to Airmen

Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, is implementing the evidence-based, single-session InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program to prevent and reduce alcohol and drug use and promote healthy lifestyles among its Airmen. 

InShape PPW is being provided as part of the Air Force Resilience Training, Values Based Goals and Physical Resilience. 

Prevention Plus Wellness encourages all organizations deploying Prevention Plus Wellness programs to consider tailoring them to best meet the needs of their setting and population. 

In this case, the talented trainers at Fairchild Air Force Base customized the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness Program by linking it to their Resilience Training and adapting the InShape PPW Program’s PowerPoint slides to reflect their Airmen’s behavioral health needs and images. 

See the Fairchild AFB InShape PPW slides: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1117/8352/files/InShape_PPW_Slides_USAF.pdf?959 

Learn more about InShape PPW for young adults in college, community or military settings: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/is-inshape-for-young-adults-program 

Learn more about Prevention Plus Wellness Program tailoring services: https://preventionpluswellness.com/pages/program-tailoring-services 

If you have questions about tailoring Prevention Plus Wellness programs for your youth or young adult populations, contact us: info@preventionpluswellness.com or (904) 472-5022. 

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"The opposite of substance use isn't non-use,
it's wellness!"

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