US Airforce Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card

US Airforce Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card

Below is a sample Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card recently provided to a US Airforce Base that implemented the single-session evidence-based InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program to its airmen. 

This is a free evaluation service provided to all providers of Prevention Plus Wellness programs. 

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Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card 

Organization Name: United States Air Force

City/State: West Coast, USA

Program Implementation Date(s): 2019

PPW Program/Version: InShape Prevention Plus Wellness/Group Script

Participant Type: Young Adults

Number: 180

Note: Posttest scores shown followed by pre-post change scores.  Positive pre-post changes highlighted in green. 

How likely are you to… (Behavioral Intentions)

(Scored: 1-4: Not at all A little, Some, Very)

Get Regular Physical Activity:  77% (Very), +18%

Get 8 Hours Sleep:                  56% (Very/Some), +19%

Eat Healthy Foods:                  56% (Very), +10%

Control Stress:                        77% (Very/Some), +7%

Drink Alcohol:                           31% (Very), -10%              

Smoke Cigarettes:                      4% (Very), -3%

Use Marijuana:                           1% (Very), -

Use E-cigarettes:                         6% (Very), -4%

Use Illegal Drugs:                        1% (Very), -

 How many people your age… (Social Norms)

(Scored: 1-4: None, Some, Most, All)

Drink Alcohol:             19% (All), -18%

Smoke Cigarettes:        2% (All), +1%

Use Marijuana:              4% (All), -1%                     

Use E-cigarettes:            37% (All/Most), -14%       

Use Illegal Drugs:           0% (All), -3%

Would regular use of…harm your health or habits? (Perceived Risk)

(Scored: 1-4: Yes, Maybe yes, Maybe no, No)

Alcohol:               65% (Yes), +14%

Cigarettes:           97% (Yes/Maybe Yes),  -

Marijuana:             54% (Yes), +13%

E-cigarettes:           73% (Yes), +14%     

Illegal Drugs:           93% (Yes), +5%

 How sure are you that you could stay away from… (Avoidance Self-efficacy)

(Scored: 1-4: Very, Somewhat, A little, Not)

Drinking Alcohol:               73% (Very), -

Smoking Cigarettes:            94% (Very/Somewhat), -

Using Marijuana:                  93% (Very), +2%

Using E-cigarettes:                84% (Very), +3%

Using Illegal Drugs:               98% (Very), +1 

What did participants like best? (Program promotional content)

  • Stay in shape for your benefit and future self.
  • It was very informative and I feel I learned many new things.
  • Teaching this to newer airmen coming in.
  • Learned how to develop good healthy habits.
  • Learned how to control stress.
  • It had challenging questions and multiple options to choose.
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Different techniques to reduce stress.
  • Reminding me of my goals.
  • Making sure my airmen don’t smoke cigarettes.
  • Interacting with the clickers.
  • Made me want to work out more.
  • Very motivational, got me thinking of the future. 

What did participants like least? (Program improvement areas)


Note: A written report addressing the below topics available from Prevention Plus Wellness for $1/participant.  For more information: or (904) 472-5022. 

Written Report Topics

  1. Report Card Interpretation:
  2. Report Card Conclusions:
  3. Qualitative Data Summary:
  4. Recommendations for Program Promotion:
  5. Recommendations for Program Improvement: 
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