Youth Substance Use Prevention Plus Wellness Solutions to COVID-19

Youth Substance Use Prevention Plus Wellness Solutions to COVID-19

Prevention Plus Wellness provides free online training on how to use our evidence-based and evidence-informed substance use Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs live online and by recorded video to youth and young adults.

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Or, contact us to schedule a free training for your organization: or (904) 472-5022 

Implementing PPW program videos to youth online takes just two easy steps. 

Step One: Send link of your selected Prevention Plus Wellness program video to youth/young adults. 

Step Two: Send link to the Goal Setting/Contract to youth/young adults to complete online. 

We can provide your organization with a customized link so that you can learn what goals your participating youth/young adults set and how they rated the PPW program. 

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You can also provide your Prevention Plus Wellness program live online to your youth/young adults using the newly created PPW program digital downloads designed specifically for online implementation. 

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